Thursday, November 1, 2007

We have the technology...

...we can rebuild him.

And just in time for February's trade deadline it would appear. After watching that endlessly disturbing replay on the old Pay-Per-View the other night coupled with the literally last minute loss to the Detroit Red Dinks what with all their "skill" and "experience" and "chemistry", as a fan, it can be said I'm in down a well. Sour gas for everyone.

When that goal hit, I uttered a Serpico level of serious "Fuck You" to the TV and found something more entertaining to occupy my time, like swallowing needles.

I agree, unnecessarily gross.


And there's always a but...

This team appears to be coming together. Whether that translates into wins, or just a lot of well played losses, I don't know. What I do know is that I've seen vast improvement over the last few games and I'm not sure if stats would bear that out, but I'm willing to bet they would. Seriously. Five dollar bet.

All we can do at this point is see how it all plays out for the Oiler's in the month of November. I'm predicting four wins. Too optimistic?

Five dollars.

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Anonymous said...

I just twisted my ankle a few weeks ago and I think it made watching Green's fall even worse for me. His description was grisly too "just dangling there" Owwwwww.

Bad decisions on that last play. Tarnstrom! at least he manned up on camera and addressed his mistake. My jaw started dropping on that line change, too. I had been pulling for Pouliot but I'm ready for a break from him. Don't think anyone can say he didn't get a decent chance.

I'm guessing November will be another roller coaster ride, I've no problem with that. The positives I'll be looking for is more team bonding/gelling on the road and Moreau and Souray back, injecting vet presence, toughness and some goals back in. Bet Brian Young was pretty sure he wasn't going to see the NHL this season. SIGH.