Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oiler Killer


Anonymous said...

Short and sweet. Well done. Any longer and I think Smytty would've been a mess, a puddle of purple, blue and white; which would've ended up a nice mauve mind you.

So..they lost. But I still enjoyed it. I loved the way the youngsters/newbies were playing; especially with Cogs and Gags of course. When they're both on, I tend to sit up like I do when Hemmer is on the ice. Plus Cogs' faceoffs will continue to improve under the tutelage of a Master of Faceoffs (also with Horc, Stoll and Marty's help). Also happy with Gilbert, Brodziak, Pouliot. Roy sure impressed. Even JFJ sounded like he's coming along. Not giving up on Grebs. Yet. Just wish they could send him down for awhile. Good news is Laddie is coming back up. Hoping he's found his top gear.

If Raffi keeps playing like this, I gonna start loving him. Pennzoil too. Horc is doing okay, just think he's the type that needs stable mates. Still giving Stollie some more games, I still think he's feeling his way back yet. Marty and Sandy still seem like they making things happen out there. Roli is Roli, giving his guys a chance to win. Anyone criticizing him should consider Hasek, Kipper, Luongo and Brodeur's results right now. Not disappointed in Hemmer, just the results so far. Keep going kiddo, it'll come.

Their play last night reminded me of an article from out East during the 05/06 run: "They don't give up, they keep coming at you". Felt good. Tanoshimashita.

Anonymous said...

Oops, fogot about Green, Staios and Tarnstrom. But I guess that's a good thing. That Green stopped taking bad penalties like right quick after that horrendous start has been good enough for me so far. And Tarnstrom is beginning to grow on me, sounds like he's pretty reliable so far plus making things happen out there. I was worried Gilbert was going to get lost in the shuffle with all the Dmen that came in but I'm glad he's making a strong case for himself. He continues to impress me. I'll stop now.