Saturday, October 6, 2007

You, Me and Everyone We Know

Philadelphia Flyers vs Edmonton Oilers
6:00pm (MST)
Oilers Pay-Per-View and
630 CHED

Even more compelling than a Picard/Kirk match-up is tonight's bout featuring the dearly Departed Jason Smith and new Oilers captain, Ethan Moreau. Unfortunately Moreau's foot didn't get the memo.

At any rate, it's going to be an exercise in mastering manly emotions when I see Jason Smith faceplant an Oiler for the first time. I shudder at the prospect of "Torres from Thursday night" reacting to that possible eventuality.

It's the beginning of the Season and I'm as keyed up as if it were a deciding playoff game. Can the Oilers repeat the ridiculously excellent chaos of Opening Night? Will Lupul get a hat trick? How are we going to shut down Briere? Poorly, one would think.

A few things to look forward to in an otherwise bittersweet match-up:

1.Hemsky continuing his aggressive play and getting some points
2. Nillson relaxing and not freezing when he realizes he actually has a scoring chance
3. More Cogliano and Gagner
4. Stoll keeping the pressure on
5. Torres! Torres! Torres! A blitzkrieg of unrestrained, PCP-esque hostility
6. Penner to wake up
7. Reasoner continuing to impress with his mad skillz and sweet landing strip

One thing I'm not looking forward to is the inevitable boo-ing of Lupul. I think he was as poison for this team as the next beer swilling jerk, but he's gone, he had his tough times, let it go.

Souray and Greene did a pretty decent job shutting down SJ's big guns. Greene's immobilizing of Cheechoo was the highlight of his game and I hope we see more of it. Souray wasn't actually as bad as he looked. For the few gaffes he made, I noted quite a few smart plays and I have no doubt he's working to be more effective at his actual job of defense.

Sanderson, again...solid NHL player. He's comfortable on the ice and is a calming influence on the young guys. I'm one of the few who think he's a really good part of this roster, and if we can't have Jason Smith (and we can't) at least we can have the experience of Sanderson for the kids to draw on.

A crazy mix of former Oilers and Flyers on the ice tonight. There's only one symbol to really express the back and forth of it:


My Prediction: 5-3 Oilers (Lupul with a hat trick-all assists from Briere)



Anonymous said...

What a great pic of Smith. Hope he gets a rousing, moving Thank You tomorrow night. I'm anticipating a patented "how do you do" slam down on one the youngins. Well, maybe not Cogs, he may be just too fast for old Gator...

Lupul was terribly disappointing. I've let it go, but like you said, there may be some who will enjoy booing him. I just hope it doesn't get embarassing.

And re: Sandy - count me as another who likes him here.

grease trap said...

Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing Gator in action, again.

Now I understand why old guys like Lowetide follow 10 teams. It's hard to let go of the players you like to watch.

oil82 said...

Gator is past his prime,anyay. The players we got in return from Philly will get better as he gets worse.

grease trap said...

where to start....

Anonymous said...

Damn exciting first period and final minutes. Teared up some over the Smith salute. Ah, most enjoyable.

Now watching the Cal-Van game, 3-1 Van. yay. Oops Langkow just scored.

grease trap said...

Saw that myself just now. Hey I should have bet on my score prediction (just not on Lupul)!

Anonymous said...

Hey yea, you did call it. Good on ya.
Imagine. 5 goals scored. Amen.