Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welcome to Oil Country, Enjoy Your Stay!

Oh my God, we're back again
Brothers, sisters, everybody sing
Gonna bring the flavor, show you how
Gotta question for you better answer now

Am I original?
Am I the only one?
Am I sexual?
You better rock your body right

Backstreet's back, alright

-"Everybody" Backstreet Boys, 1997


7pm (MST)
Sportsnet West

So here we are. Game Day. We're a rebuilding team, despite the fact that no one in the Oiler's PR department is willing to acknowledge that fact (someone should let them know that Rexall is still going to sell out every game, not to worry). So yes, we're rebuilding and that means a couple years of young guys finding their stride, but like most of the starry eyed optimists in fan-dom, I still hope.

Can't a team rebuild and still make it to the playoffs? Once in the playoffs can a team surprise and go all the way?

Hope. It's beyond reason.

Another idea that seems unreasonable en papier is the belief that the Oilers will defeat the San Jose Sharks in tonight's match-up. Many analysts are favouring the Sharks to go all the way this year and win the Stanley Cup. They also predict the Oilers will tank once again, relegated to the basement of the league and thereby hand Brian 'rage-a-holic' Burke some "excellent picks".

I predict the Oilers to surprise. I predict Edmonton takes this game with authority, winning 6-4.

Horcoff, Hemsky (2), Brodziak, Moreau, Penner.

That's the fan side.

The realist in me is doubtful. The realist concedes to the fact that for this year, at least, instead of the Boys on the Bus, we have instead, the Backstreet Boys.

Lord preserve us...

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Anonymous said...

"...rage-a-holic..." I like that.
In my experience, guys like that usually end up turning off more people, you know, the kind of people who just tried to ignore his kind but then get fed up with the crap.

Anyhou, on to more important things...
Oilers win!!! The kid were more than alright. I'm actually a little giddy. (I've made the realist in me go to the backroom and tidy up some filing for now)