Monday, October 8, 2007

Detroit Rock City - The Acid Test

Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red Wings
5:30pm (MST)
Sportsnet West and
630 CHED

A lot of you would say I'm full of it when I say that tonight is the first REAL test for our young Oil.

San Jose and Philly are good teams - some might even say cup contenders - but neither of them brought their "A" game against the Oilers. Lidstrom, Hasek, Chelios, Rafalski are veterans who usually play well in their own barn and the Oilers know it. They're also a tight checking team and they won't give our boys the whole rink to play in like the Flyers did in the first period of their game.

It's also the first road game of the year.

Brodziak continues to REALLY impress me and is leading the team with 3 points (+3) and his line appears to be the real deal - who would have thought. Considering there's very little "gelling" happening this early in the season, being undefeated going into tonight should earn a little notice (maybe even respect) from the "NHL analysts" that were all saying the Oilers wouldn't make the playoffs.

Did I mention how much I liked Penner using the term "Oilers hockey" in his post-game interview the other night? It's almost like the Oilers have more going for them than a new dressing room - like confidence, youth, speed and a little perspective from an overtime loss in Detroit tonight.


grease trap said...

like confidence, youth, speed and a little perspective from an overtime loss in Detroit tonight.

You, sir, are a seasoned Oilers Fan.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Brodziak has been a pleasant surprise to me. He's quickly becoming a fav of mine. Plus I like his off ice demeanor.

I don't think you're not full of it, this will be a good test this being an intelligent experienced team (I like/respect this team and rooted for them against Anaheim last season). Plus, they may be fired up from losing to Chicago.

With our exciting, fast, enthusiastic young guns and the security blanket that is Roloson in net, this will be a fun game I think.

Also, I also liked hearing Pennzoil using "Oiler hockey" too. It's that mind set forming, hopefully indicating that 'gel' thing. I know there's only been a few short interviews, but he seems like a bright young man to me. I've enjoyed his deadpan answers too:
re: standing in front for Souray's bombs "I'm going to work on my wincing/flinching"
re: first goal "I can used to that"

Go Oilers!
*Oh no, is that McGoo?? ugh.

grease trap said...

Experience wins...

Anonymous said...

Cogs' first NHL goal! Woo Hoooo!
And against Hasek. Nice. Amazing pass by Pitkanen.

Roli, gotta velcro to those posts man. But fabu job otherwise, the score could've been a massacre.

Yay Horcoff! Sounds like that line was humming all night.

Wondering where Stoll and Torres were. Is it just me or did Pouliot not do well with these two? I hate to say it, my confidence in these two are slipping a little.

All things considered, not bad I suppose. Definitely missing Moreau.

Anonymous said...

Raffi had a birthday yesterday. I'm wondering if he was hungover tonight.

grease trap said...

Could be the whole team was hungover with (Canadian) Thanksgiving Turkey....