Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ice Battle in the Cloudy Waters* - A Giant Falls

Edmonton Oilers vs. Minnesota Wild
6pm (MST)

This team traditionally owns us. You know what else was traditional? Seppuku. And with MacT calling up JFJ, presumably to protect Gagner, Cogliano and Hemsky from the Boggart Man, I fear a falling upon the sword tonight. With all the career-threatening hits that have already been laid out this season, I hope the rookies understand that tonight they really have to watch their backs. Literally.

We started out terribly on Monday against the Red Wings and were never quite able to dig ourselves out of the hole. Minnesota, known for it's vast landscape and tear-inducingly boring style of play will give our boys even less chances to recover from early gaffes, so the Oilers need to play a tight, disciplined game. With the Wild's neutral zone skill at shutting down rushes and their physical, frustrating tactics, it's going to be tough for our guys not to take a few bad penalties.

This is exactly what the Wild will hope for. Admiral Ackbar, your thoughts?

Precisely. So how does a team get inspired when they can't match up physically, has all the open ice shut down, and are basically playing in fear of their young stars getting crushed along the boards by a giant thug? I'm not sure, but hopefully MacTavish has the right jokes at the right time to keep this team positive.

After being blooded by the Wings, this young team realizes it's mortal, after all. It'll be interesting to see how they go forward with that extra bit of caution. I predict quick, short, accurate passes to get through the trap. I predict a lot of dump and chase. I predict a long game.

But above all, I predict a victory: 3-1 Oil

(Torres goes batshit crazy on Boogaard. Loses. Scores game winning goal.)

*the meaning of Minnesota in the Sioux language is 'Cloudy Waters'...and that's one to grow on.


MetroGnome said...

Ackbar kinda looks like Fernando Pisani.

Also, I like the current poll. Reminds me of elections in China.

(oddly my "word verification" below is bylaw.)

grease trap said...

heh heh

He's watching from the observation deck.

Glad you commented, I need to add you to the link list. Even though you are not from Oil Country and I should shun you...

That gives me an idea.

MetroGnome said...

I've grown accustomed to frequenting Oiler blogs. Due to my loyalties you are all VILE, REPUGNANT SLIME by default...but you do tend to have good blogs, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I love your references. I'm hoping our new speed game makes a diff tonight, and Rolo-san closes all access points ala Japan before Commodore Perry.

"Ackbar kinda looks like Fernando Pisani" I will now shun you even if Greasetrap does not. :-)

grease trap said...

Homognomes aside (get it? homonyms..ah, fergit it), if the Oilers keep their heads, I think they'll be able to skate circles around Minnesota. But what's with the disappearance of Gagner over Cogliano? Then again, when I was 18 I wasn't even consistently holding down a job.

grease trap said...

Ha ha, I love your references.


Sadly, I don't think anyone got this one:


Which, in hindsight, is probably for the best...

Anonymous said...

Yea, I meant to ask about that one...

IF, if JFJ does have to fight Booger, I hope he gets a lot of lefts in. Maybe I'm wrong, but seems to me Booger is weak with lefties/left shots. Though I guess you can say that about a lot of fighters.

I'm not too worried, the league is clamping down hard (finally) and Booger needs to be careful. But agree, heads up hockey boys!

Agree, Cog seems to be more prolific right now but it sounds like Sam is still being effective out there. Go Cogs! Go Sam! *not in line up tonight, I know* Kinda cool that they are buddies; old Team Canada mates and now roommates.

Just caught your 'label' at the bottom. I like it.

grease trap said...

Anyone care to take a guess? Probably better to just watch the movie...

grease trap said...

...Me and You and Everyone We Know.