Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can't see the Forsberg for the Cheese

Don't worry, I don't get it either..

Ripping through a few articles online. "Sean Allen" the "reporter" has this to "say" in an article about fantasy leagues and time travel, or something to that effect:

"Best-Case Fantasy Scenario: I still say Forsberg should come to Western Canada. The two places I would most like to see him end up are Edmonton or Vancouver. Regardless of where he goes, Forsberg is someone to draft in fantasy hockey; expect a ceiling of 50 games played. I like him the most with Edmonton because it would give quite a few players value. The Oilers are lacking veteran leadership on a team that is damn near overflowing with young superstar talent. I want Rob Schremp, Andrew Cogliano and Robert Nilsson learning from a Forsberg, not a Geoff Sanderson or an Ethan Moreau. The way Forsberg creates room on the ice would significantly upgrade the value I am expecting from the young phenoms in Edmonton that I am currently a bit bearish on. "

I'm not suggesting even for a second that the Oilers could nab Forsberg (or more to the point: that he would want to be nabbed),and we certainly don't need another center, but I thought this was a pretty excellent idea. Forsberg in a teaching role. Sounds good to me. Maybe offer him a coaching position next year? (He has to retire sometime soon) Would he even be interested in something like that? More limpid minds than mine, please educate. Elucidate, even.

post script: I should mention that the Dr.Z-Forsberg comparison was influenced heavily by a google image search


Santa Merda said...

I doubt Forsberg would want to coach here, of all places.

Perhaps we could get another vet out here to teach our young guns a thing or two?

Then again, everybody on our payroll is an Oilers Dynasty player, or so it seems.

grease trap said...

I know it seems that way, but the hockey world isn't all that big after all.

maybe I'm overrating the wealth of young guys we have right now, but you'd think it'd be an exciting challenge to try to get the most development we can out of these kids. For anyone.

eyeballoil said...

Wow. Forsberg in Edmonton?! I dunno. He won't coach because he probably think he can still play 40 games somewhere. If he's here, who do you put on a line with him?

grease trap said...

I was thinking more along the lines of offering him a ludicrous amount of compensation for 30 games or so and then see if he bites at assistant coaching next year.

Point is, it won't happen, but at this stage in the game a fan's gotta dream...

Santa Merda said...

I know!

Let's trade Hemsky and Stoll and Horcoff to whoever signs Forsberg, so that we can have him for 30 games before he retires!