Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A beginning is a very delicate time...

You can say that again, Princess Irulan!

Welcome to my dung heap of a blog where you will get very little informed opinion! All I can promise here is that I'll update. Plus, I'll use words like Pemmican. Why, then, a blog? Are the Oilers not already fairly represented online by fans and foe alike? to an almost impossibly bloated degree?

You got that right, imaginary query-er.

Hence the name of the joint. I did play around with other ideas:

Moreau Less

More Contagious than a Hor-

Well, you get the idea. I'm afraid puns are about the best I can do. Me and Gene Principe.


I work from home, I obsessively loop through hockey blogs looking for more information to get me up to speed after having ignored hockey for twenty some odd years. (As you have probably already noticed, I did not, in fact, ignore my science fiction). And I have to agree with everyone else:

Oilers are going down hard this year. You heard it here last.

or...are they?

For the definitve answer to that and many more pressing questions, stop back often and grudgingly, I'll always have some kind of post or other, probably just referring you back the way you came.

A proud and noble city rejoices. "Woooo" say we all.


Santa Merda said...

Welcome to the Oilogosphere, young padawan.

grease trap said...

Heh, thanks!

Santa Merda said...

Although I'm certain you're older than me.