Wednesday, August 22, 2007

L'il Thor

You gotta give him credit, the kid works hard. According to Hockeydb he's listed as:

Height 5.11 -- Weight 185

Which I would not have guessed. He appears much smaller on the ice, even around guys who are -apparently- not much bigger than him. I'm still scratching my head at his production numbers from last year since the only other Oiler who seemed to be in as many places at once was the fabled "Edmontoby Petersoilers" (Toby Petersen).

Patrick Thoreson came out of nowhere last year at Training Camp, earning himself a spot on the roster and no less than 68 at bats. Scoring 4 goals and assisting on 12 for the year isn't exactly the kind of statistic to inspire confidence but what can I say? I like him.

He had so many scoring chances generated by his own hard work that his final tally doesn't tell the whole story. I watched about 80 percent of the games in 06-07 and time and again, there was Thoreson crashing the net, creating opportunities and making his presence felt.

But nothing ever. went. in.

To be fair, his confidence tanked for a good stretch and there was a period of about 15-20 games where he was basically a no-show, and maybe another 15 or so where he was only passable. but when he played he played awesome. Can we call it Torres Syndrome?

Despite the drawbacks (after all, just about everyone except Smyth had a bad year) I'll be happy if he's on the ice again this fall. No one's luck can stay that bad two seasons in a row.

Can it?


Santa Merda said...

I think he'll most likely be in the press box. With some of our new pick ups he might not have as good a shot of making the big club as he did a year ago, but he still has a chance.

grease trap said...

Last year we had firepower flying out of our collective asses (or so we thought) and he still made the club. You may be right, but I like him for his ability to actually get somewhere in the proximity of the net, which seemed like a real problem all last year for everyone else.

eyeballoil said...

I liked him too, BUT he didn't convert and pro sprts is all about getting it done. I hope he gets another shot. 5-10 lbs. of muscle would help this kid a lot.