Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get the Farce On for Larsson - To the Promised Land we Go!

I'd be surprised if anyone at all reads this (hi mang!), but just breaking the defunctedness to address the trade deadline very very briefly.

Lubo, Grebs, Staios: all gone by deadline.

Souray, Smid: both out with injuries.

Prognosis: The Fall for Hall is more than official, it's just a bout a done deal.

My only hope is that The Oilers suck eggs hard enough next year to grab Larrson, basically a once in a generation talent on the blue.

That leaves the Oilers with a ridiculously enticing core of young players to grow with. Hey, if you're going to tank, tank hard and fast and get it done with. None of this "build a playoff team on the fly while rebuilding" nonsense. Just raze the whole rotting structure to the ground. You can try to put it support beams, replace the cabinets, but in the end a shithole is a shithole. Get rid of it. Start fresh.

Speaking of structures, how about that new Arena? Weird that there would be a rebuild of talented youth that reaches it's most competitive (and possible Cup winning) years might just coincide with a shiny bright Arena to house them, isn't it?



nice core of vets if we keep them


nice group of high draft picks


up and comers

Fill that out with some hardworking vets and you got yourself a team.

So, really, if it means another few years of terrible hockey, why not? I'm used to it anyway, at least now I'll know I have something to look forward to!