Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stop Reading the Internets!

Are you an Edmonton Oiler?

Then what are you doing reading the blogs? Seriously, this shit'll mess you up. If this was how I checked in on my performance I'd go crawl in a hole somewhere and never come out again. Even the fair stuff can be brutal.

When you have to perform at the top of your game, highs and lows can be killer. Reading that fans are disappointed and angry isn't going to help you "even out your game", it's only going to plant doubt in your head. On the other side of the coin, buying into your own press about "how great you are" screws you the other way around. You stop giving it the same try.

Unless you're Zach Stortini, that is. Apparently, according to Oilers PR and David Staples, you either don't know how to read or you're too stupid to figure out the power button on your laptop. I have a cartoon coming for you, by the way.

I know, it's fun to google your name and see what people are saying, or maybe those Covered in Oil guys have something funny up, or (most likely) you just want to see what your score is on the Hot Off, but please:


Focus on your family, your health and having fun.

Forget about stats (even joking about it while mic'd up killed Reasoner's numbers), and stop squeezing your sticks.

Remember the end of last season? You guys just went out there, kicked ass and didn't even bother with taking names, you had nothing to lose. Maybe that should be your approach again. Sure, it's important to win every game you can because of all the games you'll lose, but grinding them out is going to wear you down faster than gravel on skin (I've wiped out way too many times, I know what it's like to pick the stones and sand out of your own quivering flesh wounds).

Have some fun.

If you must read these frikken blogs then don't internalize this garbage.

It's just a game. I know you're competitive and that's great, but keep feeling frustration and that's all your body will accept when you strap on those pads. You'll already have lost the game.

Look at Gretzky the player vs Greztky the coach, man.

'Nuff said.


dstaples said...


Good stuff.

But, really, I'd be surprised if those guys read the Oilogosphere.

Man, if they do, I better tone down the criticism on my error assignments ;)

grease trap said...

Well, I do know they've mentioned it before somewhere (was it PPV last year?)

I've also heard anecdotal info...

Glad to see you don't mind the ribbing.


raventalon40 said...

Well if they read the paper at all it would mention the Cult of Hockey in the Journal. Yikes David, they know where you live! ;-)

g-trap, I don't think we need to worry about whether they internalize any "garbage," because they're grown men who make their own choices. It would be foolish to think it wouldn't affect them but if they log on to the Oilogosphere they can't expect it to be like The Emperor's New Clothes and have all positive criticism when the reality is no team, even the Detroit Red Wings, can get away with that.

grease trap said...

Grown men...

Well, I wish all men could say the same thing, but here's a bunch of us writing about hockey!


raventalon40 said...

I would say to some degree sports is serious stuff. It's a huge industry that stretches from merchandising in apparel all the way to legalized gambling like Sports Select.

And plus, critical writing is a skill that is not subject to an monopoly of the journalists or English teachers, it is something that everyone should learn to do.

The fact that we choose to write about something that interests us doesn't make us less "grown" than other men - it just makes us more creative and it also increases the quality of our writing.

grease trap said...

I'll take that, rt. I like the way you roll.

Oh, and It might interest readers to know that someone from an EIG connection surfs the interwaves, sometimes passing by here on the way.

raventalon40 said...

Does it tell you that on your SiteMeter?