Monday, October 20, 2008

So Long Mirtle

He's strolling outta town

He's got a new gig

Remember that movie Falling Down?

Michael Douglas lost his cool

He shot a guy in the knee

He stole all the guns

And James Mirtle's drinking tea

With the folks at SBNation

He'll be starting up their blogs

All things Hockey Related

If you're good, you've got a job


You see he's recruiting all kinds of writers

Who dig New Media and the like

So if you love your laundry

Start clicking left and right

So long Long Jim Mirtle

May eagles fly you high

Save you from flowing lavas

And steaming Orcish pies

Ride on, write on, right on


If anyone wants to submit me for a Governor General's or something, it'll be an honour just to be nominated.



Loxy said...

Is this two posts in one day? The nerve!

grease trap said...

he he

No doubt. By the way, thanks for the mirtle pic. I grabbed it from your archives.

raventalon40 said...

Grease Trap is working overtime... skills to pay the bills

grease trap said...

That's some ill communication.