Monday, October 20, 2008

If you ever read the OILBLOBOSPHERE....

...then this is a MUST READ. Oh yeah, it's just that good. Well, it's pretty good. It's alright. Of interest? um...tell you what, it's there, it exists, and your eyes can slide over the words if you have nothing better to do...

1. If you want to be added to my fancy blogroll, then make your case (in other words, just tell me)

2. Speaking of fancy blogrolls, the astute among you will have noticed that the sidebar has been radically updated. Now with more stuff!

3. Now with ScarJo.

4. This is post 100, huzzah!


In Oilers news:

1. The Dave Berry Holy Crap!-a-thon continues with mindbogglingly more and more people adding their two cents. Hit CiO to get updates on the ever increasing coverage.

2. Steve MacIntyre. Awesome.

3. I don't get why people are still saying Dustin Penner is fat. He's quicker than ever and had a great start to the season.

4. Souray injured. Seriously? (yes, and don't call me Shirley)

5. Sam Cogliano, Steaming Nilsson, Garon 'standing tall to make the save' when he was flat on his back...just a few gems from CBC's broadcast of Saturday night's game.

6. Hot Gossip: A couple weeks ago I saw Tom Gilbert entering the Sushi joint on Jasper and 109th. Hand to God, I said, "Heyyy! uh...Awesome!" He smiled and waved like a pro.

7. 4-0-0! Enjoy it. Ut-ut-ut! No reality checks today, just enjoy it.

Enjoy it.


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