Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nothing Gold Can Stay - Or Copper and Blue, Anyway

Oilers Nation, I fear thee.

Is it just me, or does it seem strange to have what appears to be an overly slick, target-marketed, oh-so-hip new blog on the block that tries to lure readers in with it's sometimes clever, mostly frat-house type humour and surprisingly good contributions by one Robin Brownlee?

Personally, I'm your basic sad, lonely soul spending too much time in isolation typing out half cogent, meaningless semi-diatribes. Isn't that what blogging's all about, people?

Isn't it!?

No one cool actually keeps a blog about a basement team in the also-ran major Sports league in North America. And certainly no one with an o'erweening, apparently unslakeable thirst for bombardingly obvious advertisers (and advertiser's money)...or at least so upfront about it, anyway.

All that being said, and despite my suspicions that the blog is completely a pro attempt at inserting a money-making cash cow into a homespun little community (gots to cash in on those million BoA hits!), I do suggest checking it out, and daily at that.

After all, they give away tickets!


Note to drunk self: Is Oilers Nation equivalent to Gian Ghomeshi?


Oilers Nation said...

Ha! overly-slick? Geez...

Actually we're more like you: basic, sad, lonely souls spending too much time in our basements typing diatribes. Except we have a few designer friends from school who helped us slickify our site.

Either way, thanks for the post and link. Much obliged!

grease trap said...


Hope you don't mind the ribbing. I actually check your site out every day, and for some strange reason all I eat these days is Oodle Noodle...

Oilers Nation said...

Holy shit, advertising works! or maybe it's the crack they put in the spring rolls...

No worries on the ribbing. We were actually expecting a full-scale hazing, but I guess most places frown on that now.