Friday, January 25, 2008

Swag-A-Riffic! Versus tries something new

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I like hockey and I like free stuff. Having few moral objections to "selling out" for "knick-knacks", I'm giving VERSUS a plug for the NHL All-Star game on Sunday at 6pm Eastern. Don't forget the Skills Competition on Saturday and the Young Stars Game immediately after!

Anything else?



Anonymous said...

I hope they keep the Young Stars game format, I thought that was pretty exciting. Make it longer though.
I commend the NHL goalies for volunteering for that too, way to be team guys.
I think Staal is a great player however I still feel Nash should've got MVP. Nabby too was fantastic considering the fire power he was facing; didn't he shut them out in his period? Hope he's tired for the game tonight :-)

The Slam Dunk thing was a good idea, too bad some of the participants didn't seem to get the point of it. Gaborik, Ovechkin and Getzlaf saved the event and made it fun.

grease trap said...

For sure about the slam-dunk comp. It's only too bad Ovechkin kept losing the handle. That last one where he would've rocketed the falling puck right at goal would've made the top ten highlights of the year.

Re:Young Stars.

There was absolutely more passion int hat game than the in the All-Star game. I did dig the last five minute effort from both sides on Sunday, though.