Thursday, January 31, 2008

Playoffs or Bust

So I hear we have to win 22 games to make the playoffs.

That's it?

After watching the Oilers vs the San Jose Sharks the other night how can we NOT make it? We were dominant in every way, on every shift out there. The fire and spirit of this team never takes a day off.

No changes to the line-up are necessary, and it's great the Souray is placed on IR, I know what they're doing. Last game of the season, they'll bring him out to score ten goals and then we'll coast through the Second Season and watch as our powerhouse team of NHL Players drink sweet nectar from Lord Stanley's Cup and we, as fans who stuck by them all along, share in the glory.

22 games...why not offer us a challenge?


Black Dog said...


Funny shit.

Corn Flake said...

I cant wait for the antics on Whyte avenue. Gonna be sweet

grease trap said...