Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Morning After - A Bitter Pill to Swallow

And in the end the Oilers went to their millionaire beds with tears in their eyes. It seems the alcohol fuelled celebration of their victory over the Calgary Flames resulted in two-day hangovers for most of the team, and the family men on the bench couldn't do enough to mitigate the damage. Moreau tried, but he couldn't carry his lethargic team to victory.

Thus ended the Oilers winning streak, and hopefully their apparent overconfidence in facing the worst team in the Western Conference. Give these boys a few wins and suddenly they start getting a mite too big for their britches!

So it's on the plane and off to the Southeast where fate awaits them.

Hey, if they can pull out three or four wins on this road-trip, then that's a good thing. Ideally the Oilers post 8 wins out of 10 (including this wrapped up homestand), pushing them up the standings into a possible fight for a playoff berth. If not, then call this season done and start planning for next year.


Rob said...

Your blog is awesome. Funny to.

grease trap said...

Um..thanks, Rob!