Monday, November 5, 2007

Back into the Trenches

Edmonton Oilers at Minnesota Wild
6pm (MST)
Sportsnet West and 630CHED

A few gaffes here and there have lost the battle more than once early in this season and it's hard to imagine that the Oilers can fix that up anytime soon. With injuries to both veterans and the younger kids alike decimating the Oilers line-up (we've even gone so far as to call up Young - remember him from last year?- from Springfield in order to bolster our suffering defense), if we by some miracle squeak a victory out of this it will only be because Minnesota somehow drops the ball in a major way.

Having said all that, I'm optimistic. In the last few games we've lost, we've at least lost well, which is something to take note of. The Edmonton Oilers have actually been playing well and perhaps it won't take much - a captain's return, maybe? to tilt the scales just that needed percentage.

The powerplay has been getting noticeably better and Cogliano continues to shine just as Horcoff and Hemsky are finally getting their legs back.

Gagner has disappeared a little, but has still been noticeable with some nice plays here and there. With the Wild's shutdown style of play I don't envision a whole lot of exciting breakaways, but then, you never can tell. That's why they actually, you know, play the games.

Oilers 3 Wild 2 (shootout victory)


Apparently I'm on crack as the Oil lose 5-2. That's the last time I consult you, magic 8-ball, isn't it?

Ask again later



Anonymous said...

Is Hemmer injured? If he doesn't play tonight, it definitely lowers the entertainment level for me.
If Gaborik and Demitra are out (nursing groins?), that does raise my hope level though.

grease trap said...

ha ha

It's all a balancing act for the demanding fans...

As for Hemsky, I don't know. The Oilers pre-game has him listed as an Oiler to watch for tonight, so hopefully he's okay. I don't think I could really stomach another run like last spring.

Anonymous said...

Damn. First real blowout, but then again with the D assembled can't be too surprised I guess, right?
I was thinking a roller coaster month earlier, but now I'm thinking we'll be limping though to the game 20 mark. ugh. Exciting roller coaster ride was okay; hobbling about, not. And the news that Moreau's healing is taking longer than expected just took a big chunk of optimism out of me. Add to that no Pitkanen, Souray or Green, my mood matches the grey skies today. Should check the forecast; is there a blizzard on the way?

grease trap said...

That would be agood thing. Edmonton could take its collective frustration out on the snow...

I've decided to stay positive for the next five or six games before bowing to the inevitable.