Thursday, October 18, 2007

Natalie Portman makes you Read

Tyler's got a great post up detailing his thoughts on the issue of media vs blog quality/accountability.

I also heard the Stauffer show the other day where they were discussing "bloggers" in a mostly negative light. Here's my beef:

How hard is it, really, to determine the difference between say a mc79 or Lowetide or Battle of Alberta, to that of the send-ups like Covered in Oiland Hot-Oil? Here at the OILBLOBOSPHERE! we rarely repeat any trade rumours, don't try to pass ourselves off as experts, and basically are just doing this the fun of it. At no point in time to do we even pretend to have any (journalistic or otherwise) integrity whatsoever. But for longevity of memory concerning issues like the proposed new Hockey Arena? Andy Grabia's your man. With over a million hits already, BOA is quickly becoming an influential voice concerning the EIG and the Edmonton Oilers.

Personally, I like the content on the great sites I mentioned above. I dig the analysis, thoughts and stats of IOF, and you'd be dumb not to get a kick out of BDHS. I could go on and mention the character and quality of a number of other Oiler sites, but I'm already belaboring the point.

What gets me is that while with one hand they disparage the "bloggers" (whom they don't seem able to distinguish from the rabid masses of HFBoard posters who invariably drown out any attempt at informed discussion - from the thoughtful essays of Lowetide) with the other they steal content. There's more than a few times I hear or read from the media the very same ideas that were first developed and presented by someone writing about it online. Always a few days later, of course...

OILBLOBOSPHERE! is a joke. We're mainly positive and silly and that about sums it up. We want nothing other than to entertain ourselves and if other people like it, that's cool, too. I don't think there's anyone who would ever make the mistake of taking us seriously.

Are we "bloggers"? No. That word is just plain stupid. We're just guys who work and goof around and post stuff when we have some time.

For Stauffer, et al to talk about us like we're idiot children who want to post every rumour they throw out as though it were fact is disingenuous at best and horribly uninformed and media stupid at worst.

Get it together guys. You actually get paid to do what you do.


A long time listener, first time ranter

ps. Are you worried that one day a light will come on in some of these guys' heads and they'll form a better one-stop outlet than you can provide? With Dairy Queen as a sponsor? And consistent podcasts? And a radio deal?

pps. It'll never happen, so just relax already.



Anonymous said...

When I first started reading the blogs out there I soon figured out what each had to offer and what tendencies each writer had. For Stauffer to lump them all together (if IRC distinguishing Mirtle only at first) at the beginning of the show I think was either a gambit to get some talk going or he felt the majority were too simple and believed everything they read or hear. .
There's some thoughtful, intelligent, amusing opinions and ideas out there (Lowetide is always my first stop). As always I may agree or disagree, forming my own opinions. And I do this with mainstream writers as well. And I agree, it does seem mainstream media does take ideas from the blogs. I suppose they are just tapping into one sector of the fan base for ideas and opinions.
As for tonight, come on boys, show us what you got.

grease trap said...

Lowetide is also my first stop of the day. He may be a really, really, really, old guy, but he's still coherent, and that's something.


David S said...

To Stauffer:


Its. The. Internet.

And yes. Natalie Portman DOES make you read.

Nice post GT!