Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Goose Eggs

"Whither the veterans?" one might ask, if one were a 17th century Duke of Foppingshire.

And I'd have to agree with his subtle, biting assessment of the Oilers offense 6 games in. With the Rookies carrying the water for this team, I hope this week in the desert brings clarity to the guys we're relying on to inch us toward that last playoff spot come spring. A peyote dreamwalk to re-discover their true essence, if you will.

However, chances are they're playing a round of golf, eating a few steak dinners, drinking a few, bedding a few and enjoying the simple melancholy of life. It's karma, neh?

Could it only have been a few weeks ago that the promise of a new season began? Is Pleasure Motors right and we're going to tank it hard yet again? Am I already in my koan phase of Oiler fandom this year?



Think Gene Principe reads the blogs?


Anonymous said...

Mu j'nai yo. So omoimasu. :-)

grease trap said...

Wakarimasen, gomen nasai.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, little slangy there I guess.
"It's not MU/nothingness. I don't think so" (IMHO)

When you started Blobo, I appreciated the tone you set;
how did you put it? "...(these guys) can surprise you".

I like to peruse the blogs to see what's out there, but some are so suffocatingly negative I visit only once in awhile. It can suck the QI/CHI/energy right out of me. It's like that totally neg person at work you have to avoid sometimes to keep your sanity. Then there are a few that are cheerfully optimistic, it's like trying to imbibe treacle. I can appreciate both ends of the spectrum actually, I don't believe there's one definition of "fan". Even the drama junkies. Myself I try to keep a balance (yinyang? hey, you started this), or rather a little more on the positive side.
You know, not too high and not too low.

So, are you "...in your koan phase of Oiler fandom...?" Hope not. I'll still visit eitherway :-)

grease trap said...

Ha ha!

No, I don't think so (koan stage).

Just allowing one possibility out of a thousand. I'm still a treacly fan and can't help being excited every game night. Even last spring I watched every loss without too much worry. It's all a cycle.

"A strong branch drops copper leaves..."

MetroGnome said...

Is Pleasure Motors right and we're going to tank it hard yet again?

Yes. Yes he is.

grease trap said...

"After consuming itself, a flame soon sputters and dies..."


MetroGnome said...

"Ahhh fire...

scourge of Prometheus, roaster of marshmallows...eradicator of dead wood."

grease trap said...

Well played, sir. Well played.