Friday, September 14, 2007

Now that's what I like to hear...

From the Edmonton Journal:

Oilers' Off-Season Training Shows

There was a leanness in the face of Ales Hemsky that wasn't there before, even more hunger in Ethan Moreau's eyes.

Raffi Torres looks and sounds like a new man, Jarret Stoll hasn't had any post-concussion symptoms since May, and Steve Staios was impatient.

He wasn't alone, given that the Oilers have spent the past five months waiting for a chance to put last season behind them.

Souray didn't keep his admiration to himself:

"They're not just saying they're in good shape, they really are," said Sheldon Souray, glancing coyly over his shoulder.

Anyone going to watch training camp, or to the Joey Moss Cup on Sunday? I'd love hear impressions from first-hand observers on how the boys seem to play. A few more days until pre-season. It's here, everyone. It's here at last.


Anonymous said...

I expected certain players to get lean and mean, but to hear that Hemksy shed some pudge has gotten me excited. I'm hoping it's a sign of another level of commitment from Hemmer.

Yup, a few more sleeps. I'm positively bursting here...

Black Dog said...

Stoll looks like a different man. Torres too.

Easy on the Souray glancing "coyly" - only one place for homoerotic subtext in the Oilogosphere.

Ah, never mind.

Thanks for the links to my posts, by the way. I've added you guys to my blogroll - terrific stuff. Really enjoy it.