Monday, September 10, 2007

Golden Bears learn the Oilers Rookies good

With a 2-1 victory, marking an 11-9 lead in the ongoing 20 year series (winning six of the last seven match-ups), the University of Alberta Golden Bears take the Oilers' Rookie team to school. Yuk yuk.

A question I'd like answered, is who is this Colin McDonald character and why hasn't anyone ever talked about him? Just minute, I'm going on a intranet search...

Okay, so of course Lowetide ran a nice little profile on him in July.

Cogliano played well as team captain, and he was pretty unhappy with final tally stating, "We should have won this one. I'm very disappointed with the results." From everything I hear (not being there in person) he stood out in skill and presence, but never converted his chances into goals. Let's hope he can find the missing pieces this coming week and into the pre-season games.

Anyway, since the Rookies won last year, I'm going to take it as a good sign that they lost to the Bears to open this season of Edmonton hockey. Can we get all our bad luck out of the way before regular season games begin?

Will Pisani be ready to play by Christmas?

Will eight guys have sudden miracle years?

Is it just me or are the walls beginning to close in?

Whatever. Good game UofA.


Everyone's favorite Grabia:Andy, has a great review of the game over at BoA. He even got to meet Bob Stauffer. The same Stauffer Georges Laraque likes to call "Bum". Don't ask me....

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