Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Edmonton vs. Alberta

Looks like it's time to start pumping up the jam. This beat is Technotronic. In other words, Oilers play the Calgary, Alberta Flames tonight (7:30pm MST) and you can catch it glorious mono sound via the airwaves or internets. Are there any big questions to answer? Not really. It's about that time when we start seeing some major cuts to the roster, dropping bulk for a more svelte form, a fast and speedy and god help us - accident prone team.

That's my real concern at this stage in the game. I'm pretty much resigned to just praying we squeak into the playoffs, but can we please just have a healthy team this year?


Anyway, I'm going out drinking at the Black Dog so this Oiler fan is missing the game in exchange for beer. Sweet honeyed, browned beer. Sweet black, bitter frothy, carmelized beer. Thin, weedy, last resort Mountain Crest-y beer. I'll drink it all.

Tomorrow I'm going to swear off drinking for good, make deals with the Almighty to end the pain, and generally face up to the fact that I'm not a kid anymore and my aging body will actually die one day.

But until then, beer!

Also: Flames suck and will lose. Horcoff with the game winner.


Lowetide pulled the list of cuts from the Oilers site today.

Sebastian Bisallion (D)
Danny Syvret (D)
Bryan Young (D)
Troy Bodie (LW)
Fredrik Johansson (C)
Ryan O'Marra (RW)
Liam Reddox (LW)
Rob Schremp (C)
Slava Trukhno (LW)

Looks like Bucky has a team on his hands. So does Schremp get traded or simply fade away into obscurity?

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Anonymous said...

Again, just preseason, but sure feels good to beat the Flames! Heard on a Calgary radio station Keenan called out the players - wow. One caller said he was kinda stunned at their bag skate next day watching him yell at players and grabbing arms ... (true? not sure).
Ben Simon. First time I've heard of him. ???
Never been a Shremp fan, but I hope he doesn't lose heart and keeps improving. Will be following the Falcons for sure.