Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Da Oil!

Hello my friends....welcome to the Oilblobosphere pre-season no-bullshit overview/rant. I'll try to keep the profanity to a bare f**king minimum but I might get carried away. First off, I AM an Oilers fan so my perspective might be a little slanted. Second, if you don't agree with me, then man up and post your own shit or shut up. Intelligent hockey talk is what's going on here. Lastly, let's not live in the past - I'm tired of hearing about Chris Pronger screwing some skid and he f**ked the team. Get over it.

Now, let me say that I'm pretty pumped about the Oil this year. We've got some pretty good talent and some of the old crew back too. Let's not start dishing out the expectations just yet - remember Lupul aka The next big thing and the poor kid never had his balls drop at all? The Penner move was brilliant. You can say what you want about Lowe, but at least he had the balls to go after a good, young player from the Stanley Cup champs. Up until this deal I actually liked Brian Burke a lot. It's too bad he started spewing all this shit about his supposed buddy Kevin Lowe. What an asshole he turned out to be.

Here's the two best moves Lowe made other than the aforementioned signing of Penner:

1) Garon- Here's an under-rated goalie that was getting shelled in LA and he can win 11 out of 15 games for the Oil and provide some much needed backup for an aging (but still excellent) Rollie. I like the guy and I think he'll be a better fit in Edmonton than many expect - and he's a good Canadian boy.

2) Pitkanen - We only got him inked for a year, but he could be the difference. With the spotlight and pressure on Souray, here's a guy that could really come in and make a difference on the blue line. A 1st round pick who can play 25+ mins a game and not bitch about it. I don't like his -25 rating from last season but hopefully Huddy can teach him a thing or two. Nuf sed.

I like Stortini. Since we lost Winchester to Dallas, who do we have (especially on the right wing) that can grind? Statistically he had a shit year, but -7 over 29 games for a rookie could have been a lot worse.

I'm still not 100% convinced we have a guy who can play with Hemsky. The guy had 40 assists last year and he would have had 60+ playing with Crosby.

Lastly, we've got Kelly "Go Wide" Buchberger coaching Springfield. Whatever. We've got a solid AHL francise that we can groom guys in. Don't under-estimate how important this will be for the Oil this year and Bucky is a better coach than you might think.

Dude out.


grease trap said...

Hey dude, welcome aboard!

I hope everyone gets your sly brand of humour! Probably not right away, I'm thinking, but they'll come around.


grease trap said...

At least it's not as painful and obvious as my own.


Santa Merda said...

Buchburger? I'm pretty sure he got the job for being the only Dynasty Oiler who isn't already coaching/managing and knows how to put on a suit.

Chris! said...

Hey, can you send me the code for that widget showing Mike's Hot Off video? Love to get that up on our site.

My email's on CinO.

grease trap said...

Hey chris!. I sent it, and I hope it works for you. That's still one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Liked Jussi but Garon is an improvement. Does seem like an Oiler, though not sure how to articulate what that means right now. And yes, Roli is excellent isn't he? I thank the hockey gods often that Manny the Raging Bull wasn't the one sent over...
Pitkanen won't be giving great interviews and I don't care. But I'm confident Huddy will put the finishing touches on this diamond D in the rough. Bet Roli is relieved Huddy will be focusing his energy on the defence this season. I will mourn Smith's departure until November 12th though.
I like Stortini too. Again, something Oily about him. I tried to like Wincester but he just seemed... unOily.
Penner may not be the best any of us imagined for Hemmer (hey, Hemmer,Penner, ...Horcer?? never mind), but he's better than what we were going forward with. The boy is BIG, with hands too.