Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scorcoff an All-Star!

Congratulations to Shawn Horcoff for making the All-Stars.

In other news, we play a team tonight that has been tearing it up lately. Their young guys have begun gelling, they've got a solid new goaltender and they're battling their way up in the standings.

Ladies and gentlemen: the Gretzky Coyotes.

This gives me hope. If a perennial bottom-dweller can start to make good, well, then I ask you, why not us?

With Lowetide pointing out that Smid and Grebs are playing together tonight, maybe Lowe and MacT decided to throw this one as a gift to their old buddy, who knows? One thing I do know, I'll be drinking beer.

Enjoy the game!

Phoenix Coyotes at Edmonton Oilers
7pm MST
Sportsnet West and 630 CHED

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