Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chris Pronger is SOO Over Edmonton or: How Can We Sleep While Our Beds Are Burning?

I don't know how many of you caught this (probably everyone by the time you wake up tomorrow morning), but Chris Pronger was on the Jim Rome show today talking about good old Stabmonton.

Among the gems: "What didn't sit well with me was hearing about how they burned my they burned my kid's crib...that didn't sit well with me..."

Uh...What the Hell?

I'll be the first to admit that Edmonton is a lot of things. Dirty, brown, cold, stabby...heck, we even indulge in a little bit of arson during Cup runs. But I mean, that's phone booths and shopping carts.

But to claim -on a Nationally Syndicated talk show- that fans in Edmonton broke into his house and burned his baby's crib?!

I repeat, What.The.Hell?

Doubtless people will be up in arms, news organizations will pick up the story and Pronger will face little to no repercussions for insulting an entire Megalopolis of over 1 million people.

Pronger also remarked that he wished the people of Edmonton could just "get over it" like he has, but he really doesn't see that happening.

Can someone actually be nominated for Douchebag of the Year two years running?

***Bedtime Update***

Jay in the comments sent in this link from the AOL Fanhouse. In it, Greg Wyshynski manages to split a hair.

Looks like this story'll have some traction. Can I say "debacle?" I'm saying it anyway. Debacle.


Jay said...

Wyshynski points out that Pronger never actually said that his house was broken into. Jim Rome, being Jim Rome, embellished that part after the interview.

But still, FCP comes out looking like a whiny asshole here.

grease trap said...

Ah, good catch, I'll put it up.

Dee said...

Yeah, he says get over it...then brings up some old rumours. Doesn't sound like he's over it to me if he's the one that keeps bringing up the past. Even though it should be easier for him to move on, seeing as how he snuck out of a huge contract and out of a city he hates.
FCP, is douche

grease trap said...

No arguments here.