Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So Scared to Post

Or talk above a whisper, or shut the door too hard, or feel too much happiness or optimism.

Must. Not. Upset. Streak.

Then again, we play Pittsburgh tomorrow, so all my caution may be moot. After three great games played by the Oilers, they actually get three wins! Did I just step into the door beside eternity or is this team actually starting to gel?


The fiery, steady soul of Pisani has lit in the hearts of our team and we have glided on sweat and effort into second last place in the Northwest, relinquishing last place to those whores of Babylon, even the Calgary Flames.

So how do we bring that desire and confidence to bear on Sidney Crosby and the Homme himself, LeGG? With Hemsky out indefinitely can we rely on Cogliano, Thoreson and Nillson to try to fill that hole? It'll be a good thing when Gagner starts to fill out a bit. That or he learns to slip through and past defensemen like the tiny Martin St.Louis.

Pride in my team, though...so retro. So rad.

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Anonymous said...

Might as well post bud; could use your humour during these trying times...