Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Is it wrong to feel so right? We lost, but we got a point! It's like wonderful spring all over again.

So there we are, neck and neck on the shootout. Roli looks pretty weak. I'm no goalie, but even I knew what that first shot was going to be like before it happened. I was looking forward to seeing Roli remain unmoved, refusing to be fooled into overcommiting himself.

How wrong I was.

Poor Gagner. He should have stuck to his patented move. Instead, he tried to be a tricksy little hobbitses.

And one last note:

Reasoner!? On the shootout?


Nillson? Cogliano? Do these skilled players names ring a bell? Ah well, Craig MacTavish went with his gut and his gut said Rolaids. So he sends out Reasoner.

But hey! A point!

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