Monday, November 26, 2007

Lots of Oil and BJ's for Everyone!

Columbus Blue Jackets at Edmonton Oilers
7pm MST
Sportsnet West, 630 CHED

Riley Nash. Big Kid. Soft Hands. Physically Fit.

We almost have this guy in Dustin Penner. Almost. Honestly, I think Penner was completely shell-shocked by this past year of his life and he's just now starting to see where he wants to take his career. After winning the Stanley Cup with a juggernaut of a team, getting the chance to earn ridiculous amounts of money, and partying through the summer like it was 1999, can you blame him for coming in fat as hell and slowed down because he had to haul that sloppy ass up and down the ice?

I can't.

But lately, I've noticed the under-chin disappearing, and jawline and cheekbones pushing their way up out of his mountainous, fleshy mug. This is a good thing. I imagine he'll hit physical fitness by Christmas and in the past 5 or 6 games he's impressed me more and more.

For tonight, however, I'm looking forward to see if MacT matches him up against Nash. Who's checking Mike Peca tonight? Marty Reasoner? Seems like a good fit. I've heard over and over again how Reasoner's lost it, he's almost due for the farm, whatever. Blow it out your earhole. Reasoner is one of the guys on this Oilers squad who's getting it done night after night.

Sure, it's a little crazy putting him on the Shootout, and he's never going to the All-Stars, but he's what we need more than anything right now (besides goals), and that's dependable. Good old Marty.

Of note tonight: I'll be watching the play of Hejda tonight. I thought it was mistake not to sign him, and brilliant for Howson to nab him up. In point of fact, I think when Scotty left, the IQ at Oiler Headquarters dropped by half. I look for Columbus to be a contender in the next five years. Maybe not all the way to the Finals, but deep in the playoffs for sure.

Any other ramblings? Plenty. But I'm going to the game, so I'm signing off. If you see me on TV, I'm the guy with the gorgeous tits.


Oil - 5
BJ's - 3

and I get felt up.


Anonymous said...

are you kidding me?...reasoner gets it done night after night. well clearly we arent watching the same game...i know not ever player on a team has to be a goal scorer....but for the love of god...sometimes i wonder how martys gloves stay on...baecause he has NO hands...marty blocked a shot late in a playoff game a couple years ago and mactavish ran on the ice see how he was....remember? ever since that game craig has played marty was too makes me sick

aa said...