Saturday, October 20, 2007

BoA - The Keenan Year

Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary "Lames"
8pm MST

Hockey Night in Canada (CBC)

I had a picture, but Blogger won't let me post anything right now. Anyway...

LT has a good pre-game up at his site, so I won't pretend to have anything substantive to add. This will be the first regular season match-up between two venomous, bloodthirsty arch-rivals, and the first with Mike Keenan at the helm for Calgary.

It should be interesting to see how our young kids play against a -um- actual NHL team loaded with veterans.

At any rate, I still predict a win. Torres stays on fire, Roloson makes unbelievable saves, and Greene sweeps sticks away left and right.

23-8 for the Oilers. No hat tricks.

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