Thursday, September 13, 2007

Samwise Gangee

Get used to this.

Well, except in one of our sick new uniforms. Today on the Team 1260 Kevin Lowe stated that the "door is wide open" for Sam Gagner to make the team and start his NHL career early.

To be fair, Lowe also said that he didn't want to push or rush any of our young guys, but he did compare him to Ales Hemsky, adding that young Samwise was stronger physically, and probably more able to adapt to the game than Hemsky at the same age (who they sent down for a needed year of development).

Not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, if I'm a young player, I want to compete on the Big Stage. I'm going to play as hard as I can, but am I going to burn out? Will I handicap my future by not giving myself time to develop and grow into the game by playing on the farm for a season?

On the other hand, we're desperate.


Anonymous said...

Love this kid. Kinda hoping for the Jordan Staal route for him. Give him 9 games then he proves he belongs. Don't want to ruin his progress though, yet playing with the Knights another year seems wrong too. The rule preventing him from playing in the AHL this year seems wrong too.

grease trap said...

I totally didn't even know about that rule!

You're right though...another year with the Knights? That could stunt his growth as easily as an acceleration to the NHL.

I'm just talking in the dark here. I actually have no clue what other options Ganger has besides those two.