Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lost In the Dust of Time...

Rusted, worn...forgotten. Banished in shame.

They have no more life and lie listlessly, dead. The Orbs of Power that once brought victory and skill to warriors of heart, now victim to the harsh ablation of pernicious time. Waiting, waiting for a hero to claim them as his own.

Once the secret strength of a Number One Defensemen, whose name we shall not name, they were relinquished on the field of battle - at the very cusp of what would have been our greatest triumph! - the energy that fed them grasped in tight knuckles, leading away, away to the Southlands, to the city that looks out upon the Great Ocean of Calm.

Who now possesses the key to energize these Orbs? A potent talisman, it needs only one to stand tall and step forward.

Stoll? Moreau? Horcoff? The Great Hemsky? Is there any among the so-called heroes of our day who can awaken the Glory of the Past?


Loxy said...

Marty Reasoner.

I wish.

grease trap said...

You know, I went and watched Tc today and they had a scrimmage (reds vs whites). The Reasoner-Brodziak-Sanderson line absolutely dominated.

For a guy everyone wants to put out to pasture, Reasoner is sort of the forgotten Oiler this season. I think he's going to change a few opinions in the opening weeks. I smell a blog post in that somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm nutty, but I've always liked that the idea that there could be a different 'hero' every night.
Speaking of Reasoner, I always root for him too. My best memory of him last year was that shoot out goal after coming back from that shoulder injury.