Wednesday, August 22, 2007

They've been drafted, now send them to Russia!

Feeling hockey starved? Find yourself staring listlessly at "NHL Classics" as the glory years play in front of you in faded, blurry colour, and you marvel at the distinct lack of advertising spots along the boards?

Well, despair no longer, the Canada-Russia Super Series is set to begin this Monday.

Thank God.

I'll be watching the kids with great interest. Will Cherepanov make our drafting team look like complete schmucks? Will Gagner redeem them?

Will Turris remind us of that skinny kid from Brantford?

All in all, it's going to be a pretty decent look at the young blood coming up, and definitely add fuel for debate as the regular hockey season fast approaches.

(come on...faster...)


Santa Merda said...

If Gagner can match his performance at the World Juniors, I'll be happy.

grease trap said...

What are the odds that Gagner plays a few games with the Oilers this year?

Could this Series be considered his pre-audition audition?

Santa Merda said...

The odds are probably decent that he'll get to pitch in on a road wing or something if someone gets injured.

grease trap said...

Agreed. The chances of making the team this fall are pretty slim, but you never know. If he shows up at this series and heads into TC full steam... I guess I'm just imagining a fantasy world where he'll be ready to play tomorrow.

Another young guy I've been thinking about lately is Cogliano. Dammit, I want that learning curve to starighten out already. We have loads of hot talent right now, but none ready to contribute in a meaningful way?


What makes it worse is that we probably won't be able to foster all of it, either.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to watch Gagne next Monday. And am quite excited about seeing Cogs in TC.

grease trap said...


I'm with you on both scores.

Santa Merda said...

What I don't know about Cogs could fill severel libraries.

I ought to be ashamed of myself.

*Goes to read up on him*

grease trap said...

Gagner'll be playing with an "A" on his Jersey. Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"Gagner'll be playing with an "A" on his Jersey." I'm so proud :)

I think Gagne will be playing with Vancouver Giants Lucic - sounds good. From the few games I heard on the radio, he's got a lot of fire in his belly. Then again the whole roster sounds pretty darn good.

7am is a harsh hour for me, but it'll be worth it for this fan.