Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Round 2, Ufa's Revenge

Ufa's Coat of Arms ("Kill!" optional)

Well, on the day of Ufa's anniversary for... something important?, Canada handed the old industrial town a big old helping of humble pie. I'm willing to bet they want some revenge. Served Cold. Unfortunately for them, the temperature was sweltering inside the Ufa Arena. In fact, on Monday a thin mist could clearly be seen hovering above the surface of the slushy ice.

Could be that they've already begun to exact some hot vengeance (re: Gagner+groin+cheerleaders). If the Russian team wants to save face from the drubbing they took in Game 1 they're going to have to come back with guns blazing and shooting wrists at the ready. Who knows, maybe Cherepanov will even make an appearance this time around.

So, get to bed early - the game starts at 7am (MST) yet again. This time it's being broadcast on Rrrrrogers Sportsnet! Home of the "Sportsnet Talent" (are they still going with that?).

It may not be featuring Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan, but if you say it fast enough you'll groan with delight and disgust -but mostly disgust- at:

Russia R 2


goddamoilers said...

So, basically, yes. I got nothin'

Anonymous said...

I want Canada to win, but this is a bit disappointing. Good to see it's getting a little chippy tho. Team Canada is doin us proud, but I want to see some Russian passion!

grease trap said...

I hear you. It's sort of like watching spring hockey all over again with Team Russia playing the part of the Edmonton Oilers.