Monday, August 27, 2007

Будет Днем Игры!

Set your alarm clocks, call in sick, or just set the timer on your recorder.

TSN at 9am eastern

Catch it on TV or log onto their broadband broadcast of the game.


mikew over at Covered in Oil has an excellent game review up.

My Take:

It was a shaky start for Canada with two Russian goals in the first ten minutes, but they settled in and started laying the beat down, physically dominating the Russian team and netting a ridiculous 14 penalties.

I thought Ganger did a good job (1 assist, 1 goal) at holding his own and then some, making a slick play around defender Tulapov and going five-hole at a sharp angle against Varlamov. Before that, Kyle Turris lived up to expectations drawing a nice penalty shot through sheer effort and pulling a sweet Yzerman deke, you guessed it, five-hole. Later in the game he would try to knock down the boards with his face, but after some attention and a band-aid, he was back on the ice, lower lip swelling out to pugnacious proportions. Young Sutter was awesome on defense, silencing anyone who thought they'd caught a whiff of nepotism in the air, and looked like someone who killed penalties for fun. Meanwhile, Mason, though seemingly porous at the outset, got his head into the game and out of fantasies of Jessica Simpson (whom in a pre-taped interview mentioned he'd like to date because, as he so succinctly put it, "She's hot").

Cherepanov was effectively shut down and our guys adapted passably to the big ice. It'll be interesting to see on Wednesday if Canada can avoid playing an entire period's worth of minutes a man down.

Also: cheerleaders. Is nice!


Anonymous said...

He also helped save his D's ass at one point, too. Kid's smart and skilled for sure.
I liked how Sutter starting mixing it up a bit and got out the guys who had their legs going. Don't blame those kids, what with it being the first game together and jet lag. I've experienced jet lag many times, it can certainly mess with you. It would take me a month sometimes before I felt normal!
Impressed with how cool Mason was, especially after the two Russian goals. Few rebounds too, nice.
Was my first viewing of Cherapanov. Not impressed. Yet.

Anonymous said...

I wondered about the Sutter favouring his boy but I will wonder no longer. Young Sutter was pretty amazing.
Sounded like McGuire was sedated. Kinda funny.